Thunder and Chrome, 2022

11th November 2022
By Wes Ballard
The Thunder & Chrome ride on the 6th November turned out to be an amazing day.

Thunder & Chrome Ride, 2022

The Thunder & Chrome ride on the 6th November turned out to be an amazing day. We met at the mustering point in Springvale expecting around 250 to 300 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, well to our astonishment we ended up with an official count of 743 bikes, I think there were more but some had left when the count was done.

The police came along and led us down Princes Highway taking up all three lanes, they were in contact with Traffic Management who gave us green lights all the way allowing us to arrive there all together.

At the market there were officials directing us to park and letting the Show & Shine bikes through to the stage area, we could not have asked for a smoother transition.

The amazing Duplicity greeted us with their outstanding genre of music and they were followed by the Screaming Eagles who are amazing, so many people us dancing and having fun.

DanHog also took home some awards in the Show & Shine with Peter Dykas taking the overall win with his bike Evie which included a $250.00 voucher from Harley Heaven.

The judges were Mark O'Rourke, Dangerous and Jamie from the Dandenong Market, they did an amazing job thanks Guys.

A great day was had by all and we finished up around 4pm.

I can not thank those all involved from the initial planning back in 2019 through to the day it arrived, Dandenong Market have an amazing crew and this would not have been the day it was without their help.

To all the members who helped out at the mustering point and at the market you did us proud.

So till next year ride safe and have fun, we have a great Chapter.

Cheers Wes.

Head Road Captain.


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