DanHOG events during the coronavirus crisis

24th March 2020
By Andrew Kidd
Your DanHOG Committee has an update to our Chapter activities during the novel coronavirus crisis

DanHOG events cancelled until further notice

As you will all know the DanHOG Committee has been working with our Sponsoring Dealer, Harley-Heaven Dandenong, and have been monitoring the impact and risks our activities have on any potential spread of the coronavirus. As the Government imposed restrictions have become more stringent it has become harder to stay within the guidelines and keep to business as usual.  The recent decision of the National Cabinet to implement Stage 1 of a shutdown of non-essential activity has now made it clear that normal Chapter events need to be suspended

Accordingly the DanHOG Committee has cancelled all Chapter rides, events and meetings until further notice.  We continue to be focused on protecting the well-being of our members, Harley-Heaven staff, customers and the public in general and so this action was unavoidable.

We know that some of you may want to continue riding but DanHOG cannot, in good conscience, continue to facilitate Chapter events considering the Government advice, including;

  • Do not participate in community gatherings, including sport.

  • Avoid crowds and groups.

  • Only travel when absolutely necessary.

  • Cancel or postponing small family or community events.

  • Maintain social distancing of 1.5 outdoors and 1 pax per 4m2 indoors.

  • Stop shaking hands, hugging or kissing as a greeting.


The DanHOG Committee has considered the activities our Chapter typically undertakes and the Government advice about the predicted duration of restrictions and we believe that; 

  • We will not run any Chapter events between now and 30 June.

  • We consider it unlikely that events will happen between 1 July and 30 August (and possibly after this time), but we remain open to the possibility.

  • We are hopeful that events can run between October-December, and as the future unfolds we will be clearer about that and we are continuing to plan accordingly.

  • We are cautiously optimistic about events in the new year, and we will be planning accordingly, however we will have alternative plans. 

We are currently considering our options for the conduct or postponement of our AGM that was planned for 5th August 2020.

Stay tuned for more information as things evolve.




Craig Davis
Dandenong Chapter

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