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Virtual Rally Concert - Duplicity Live
Apr 11

Virtual Rally Concert - Duplicity Live

by Duplicity
Date & Time
11 April 2020 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Hi DanHOG, even though the Rally isn't happening, you can still experience part of what was meant to be.

This Saturday night, 11th April would have been the formal dinner night. The room is decorated with all things H.O.G , you are chatting with friends old and new. Over the course of your gourmet meal, sipping your wine and downing your beers your feet start to tap and your hips sway, the music takes a hold of you.

OK, now wake up, and turn the computer on, run it through your big screen and enjoy what would have been. Duplicity - Virtual Gig - Live In Your Lounge Room #3 is hitting your screen from 5pm Sat, 11 April.

Join the Watch Party at Duplicity Live. Grab your drinks and munchies, leave comments and join in the fun. Keep an eye out for some special guest appearances of faces you might recognise.

Share this far and wide with everyone you know.

See you there!

Event Type
Online - Virtual
Event Location
On your computer

Monday 23rd Mar 2020 - Sunday 23rd Aug 2020
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